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FDNY reports 6 injuries following a crane collapse in New York City.

Six persons, including four civilians and two firefighters, were just slightly hurt when a crane collapsed in Manhattan on Wednesday morning.

According to New York Fire Department Deputy Commissioner Joseph W. Pfeifer, all injuries are not life-threatening, however one of the firefighters suffered chest symptoms and was sent to a local hospital. Construction workers were among the civilians who suffered injuries, Pfeifer continued.

Firefighters were called to a construction site on 10th Avenue and 41st Street where a five-alarm fire started before a crane’s boom collapsed and hit a building across the street, according to municipal officials.

According to personnel at the scene, the fire has since been put out. To get a better view at the crane, FDNY personnel used drones late on Wednesday morning.

According to Pfeifer, a crane operator, the fire started as he was carrying roughly 16 tons of concrete. According to Pfeifer, the crane operator saw the fire in the engine and attempted to put it out, but he or she was unable to do so because of the flames. The operator was able to escape the crane’s cab safely, though.

According to Pfeifer, the boom had already plummeted to the ground when firefighters arrived. nearly the course of the incident, nearly 200 fire and EMS personnel responded.

The crane’s cabling was damaged by the fire “to a point where it loses its strength, and that’s where the collapse occurred,” Pfeifer said of the officials’ theory.

From @jimmy_farring/Twitter

Tweeted video showed the crane engulfed in flames and smoke before its boom struck the 555 10th Avenue skyscraper across the street. Debris was visible in the roadway below in pictures released by the mayor’s office of Eric Adams.

When the crane’s boom struck the 555 10th Avenue tower across the street, it was shown on tweeted video that it was enveloped in flames and smoke. Photos published by the Eric Adams mayor’s office showed debris in the road below.

When the crane operator reached a point where he was unable to put out the fire, Paz observed that his only alternative was to exit the crane and descend.

According to Commissioner of Buildings James Oddo, authorities will be examining each of the parties engaged in the crane’s operation as part of their inquiry into the fall. The structural soundness of the building that was impacted by the falling boom will also be evaluated by the department’s engineers.

Kena Betancur/AFP/Getty Images

According to the city’s emergency notice system, emergency personnel, smoke, and traffic delays should be expected in the vicinity. The West 41st to West 42nd block between 10th and 11th avenues should be avoided, the New York Police Department advised on Twitter.


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